KPadhne? Course and Career advice for Students of Maths

2018-08-22 19:07:15     Ashesh Bhandari, CEO

So you think you studied a lot of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics? If yes, this could be just a start. Feel Exhausted already?
Don’t worry the journey ahead is Interesting and Promising
For students who studied the Mighty Mathematics instead of the Big Biology (Botany and Zoology combined) in +2 level, multiple subjects and career areas await you towards an exciting future.
Here is a list of Subjects you could study and Career you could go into:
1. Engineering:
Most Nepali dream of Being Engineers. It’s great in a sense because Engineers are not just engineers but engine of the Country’s development and innovation (provided you aren’t unemployed or unskilled). Available streams include Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics and Communication,
A. IOE (Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk), TU: The government college which welcomes sharp brains through tough entrance from all the 77 districts of Nepal.
B. Thapathali Campus and WRC Pokhara, TU: Great places to study for those who did well but couldn’t reserve a spot at IOE itself.
C. Kathmandu University: KU School of Engineering is a place with wonderful location and global exposure for engineers.
D. Private TU colleges like Kathmandu Engineering College (KEC), Himalayan College of Engineering etc

2. BSc
The classical course of BSc is a great way to specialize in upto two fields of Science with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Statistics etc as available options

3. BSc (CSIT)
The Science Degree from TU can be a major boost to students wanting to brush their skills in the greatly potential field of Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT). For someone wanting to brush up their skills in IT and Business, BIM (Bachelor in Information Management) can be a good platform as well. Having said that, it mostly depends upon you how good you could be 

4. BSc (Geology)
The program has a greatly increasing scope and can be studied at
Birendra Multiple Campus (BMC) Bharatpur, Chitwan Nepal
Tri-Chandra College Ghantaghar, Durbarmarg Kathmandu, Nepal
Central Campus of Technology Hattisar, Dharan Koshi, Nepal

Abroad Studies:
4.New Zealand and
are great educational destinations for students.

6.China and
7.India are equally places with awesome exposure and dedicated curriculum.

The USA is the greatly prioritized place because of the educational and intellectual advancement and great fully funded opportunities to study in the top universities of the world. The UK, the country where the sun never sets, is a wonderful place for students and intellectuals. Australia has recently succeeded the UK as the 2nd most favored country by International Students.
To study in USA, UK, Canada and Finland, students need to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) administered at Kathmandu and Biratnagar two times in a year (October and December). The SAT comprises of Verbal (English measuring Comprehensive abilities) and Quantitative (Mathematics measuring Logical Abilities).
For English Proficiency, one can take IELTS or TOEFL.
Some of the unique Programs available in abroad studies:
1. Data Science: Data is the Future!
2. Finance and Financial Engineering: Finance is related to every facets of life and business and this sector has a great pay and potential.
3. Liberal Arts College: At Liberal Arts College, you have the wonderful flexibility to do double major in tow subjects. It means student can pursue Mathematics and Music, Physics and Photography or Engineering and Economics.
4. Engineering courses like Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering.
5. Pilot and Aviation Science

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