2021-04-19 09:52:56     Article by Past Student

Take a chill pill:
A 3 months’ gap is the biggest academic gap you will ever receive during school. After all the 6 am morning coaching classes, hectic hostel days and back to back exams, you totally deserve a time to relax. So, ease yourself until you are over with all the stress.

Experience Outdoors:
Taking your mind off the books and online lectures can change your mindset about the surrounding. Since, there’s no academic pressure at this point, go out, meet new people, experience local culture, take detailed information about the place you are living and try enjoying all the little things.

Try to be artistic:
Our brain has evolved through millions of years to be able to imagine. As Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is the language of the soul”, being creative can define your meaning of life. You can be creative through painting, making origami, writing blogs, graphic designing, and so on.

Engage in reading books:
Reading books increases your brain’s attention span, shows you the real world , builds up a better language and they are super fun. It is both entertaining and empowering to read books that you never had a chance to learn about. It can vary from fiction novels to popular science and beyond.

Fuse back your wings:
During school, many students don’t get the opportunity to grow their passion because of the pressure from school and parents. At the end of grade 10, many students connect themselves with the sentence - “The child is grown, the dream is gone”. But to be honest, it is never late to start anything. So, in spite of blaming the lack of opportunities, start building your own ways to follow your passion.

Join a bridge course:
The course gap from grade 10 to 11 is hugeeeeeeee. For many students, it is very hard to grab the concepts in class 11, so they give up. This might be you too. So, join a bridge course where you can have both fun and learning.

It would be a cherry on top if you consider making a brief mindset about your future education plan but keep-in-mind that you still have a long time to know yourself. Walk slowly on a path you really want to follow.

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